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Operating Mega2 System
Hydrogen the #1 Element in the Universe...

Fuels regardless of type are all made of hydrocarbons, a compound of Hydrogen & Carbon.
The fuel needs oxygen in order to combust in an internal combustion engine. Our Hydrogen systems produce
both hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen the fuel and oxygen the oxidizer.
This is accomplished using an efficient electrolysis process from water [H2o].
One liter of water can produce as much as 1248 liters of Hydrogen and Oxygen. So it doesnŐt take a lot of water
to achieve a tremendous amount of HHO.
Now your fuel has only a certain amount of BTUŐs of energy per volume but by adding additional
hydrogen & oxygen in to the mix we actually enhance the combustion process in the engine.
The added Hydrogen increases the flash or burn process and the Oxygen helps support it.
By doing this we consume all of the fuel and burn it efficiently across the combustion process.

By burning all of the energy created from the fuel, all of the unburnt fuel
no longer exists, this eliminates the emissions problems.
There isnŐt any dirty exhaust and the normal blow by in to the crank case
is cleaned up from the unburnt fuel keeping the oil cleaner
and extending itŐs useable lifespan.
In short, we are adding hydrogen to your hydrocarbon fuel
along with oxygen to support the combustion. This will increase the efficiency
of the equipment, clean it up emissions wise and increase the fuel economy as an added benefit.
The process is very basic and simple but the equipment needed to do this
can be very complicated for the average DIY person.

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