We solve the Emissions problems on Power Generating Equipment

Since 2004 we have been involved with the Hydrogen on Demand supplementation technology
for Diesel,LPG, CNG and gasoline engines. This is not a new technology but one that has been
thoroughly and extensively tested by numerous governments including here
in the USA by the Dept of Energy along with many Universities throughout the western world.
Click on the link to review their findings. Testing, Studies and Conclusions.
HEGensets is a subsidiary of FuelfromH2o LLC. a Georgia based Company Est in 2004.
HEGensets works with the emissions problems that have arisen after the EPA regulated
all older power generation equipment be put out of service unless the equipment
met the newer emissions standards.

HEGensets has solved that problem inexpensively as opposed to replacing
your current equipment and we guarantee that we can correct the emissions problems
and bring your equipment into compliance with the EPA’s emissions standards
and as a small caveat improve your fuel economy.
We solve the Emissions problems on Power Generating Equipment

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